Storm is his name, 

Chase is his love.

This is a fiction romance adventure novel, the two intertwining with the developing adventures. The two main characters in Storm's Chase are Storm Hunter and Chase Dunn, hence "Storm's Chase." The two met by chance but only one of them knows the place, the time, and the circumstances of their meeting. While there are several infamous tornado events in the novel, two events identify the main character's mission. One event is the 1990 Plainfield, Illinois, tornado; the other is the 2011 Joplin, Missouri, tornado. Though the 2011 Joplin tornado is a tragic story, the surprise altered Joplin storyline in Storm's Chase will have readers cheering. But Storm's mission compromises his thinking when a lost love re-enters his life and a little girl captures his heart. 

This type of Hummer appears in the novel.

This type of Hummer appears in the novel.

Tornado preparedness tips

· Having a NOAA radio or a severe weather phone app is a must.

· Stayed tuned to severe weather on local TV channels.

· Purchase a bike helmet or sports helmet before tornado season begins. This can protect your head from a major injury. At the very least, cover your head and your arms to protect your head and neck.  

· In the event of a tornado, go to the basement or cellar for shelter. Go to the lowest level of your home if you don't have a basement or cellar. An interior room away from windows and exterior walls, such as a bathroom or closet, is your best shelter option with no basement.

· If you are caught on the road, then seek shelter in a sturdy building, but never seek shelter under an overpass or bridge.

· Do not try to outrun a tornado.

A tornado is a destructive force most people aren't prepared for. The Midwest is a breeding ground for tornadoes, and tornadoes are hitting this region more frequently than ever before. Take precaution now and have a plan ready


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